Driver Levy- Mobile App

This App is available throughout AUSTRALIA. This App is for Charter Vehicles and Hire Care driver in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. This app is the platform for the Drivers to store their every single record for themselves and for the public transport department in a regular basis.

How App Works?

  • Register as a OBDS/BSP number
  • Register as a driver 
  • Features – New job, Advance Job, Job Transfer & Search 
  • Fill up your Clients details and save as your record and automatically calculate the GST & LEVY
  • As a Chauffeur driver transfer job to your Co-worker or other driver through same app.
  • As a Chauffeur driver and driver search their own previous record via custom dates and save on excel sheets
  • As a Chauffeur driver edit/update your profile
  • As a Chauufeur driver save your advanced job on app and reminder before half hour with notification and Check on Advance Job option